What part do i need?

Please click here to go to our Which Part? page which should give you a guide as to what part is required.

Alternatively please call us on: 0113 277 3733 and will be happy to help.

My technical skills are not very good, can you repair for me?

Yes! We offer a COLLECT & INSPECT service! Booking it in is easy!
Call us on 0113 277 3733 or book online!

3) In the Notes add a preferred collection date and a brief description of the fault.
4) Our courier will collect on your specified day and bring a prepaid postage label with them.


How can I pay for my order?

VISA / Mastercard / Paypal / BACS (bank transfer)

Do Hoverboards have a rider weight limit?

Yes, all the boards we sell can support any driver up to 120kg OR 18.90 stones.

Is there a limit on how many items I can order?

No, you can order as many as you like. Please email us should you wish to order 10+ of any item.
We also sell wholesale.

Do Smart Boards UK offer after care & warranty?

  • All our parts are covered by a 30 day warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • All Bluefin hoverboards are covered under a 1 year warranty
  • If you are unfortunate to receive a product which doesn't work, please contact us immediately and we will can arrange a replacement or refund.

Which board for which age?

As a rough guide - 

  • 4.5" - Ages 3+ (kids)
  • 6.5" - Ages 5+ (children and adults)
  • 7.5" - Ages 5+ (children and adults)
  • 8" - Ages 8+ (children and adults)
  • 10" - Ages 10+ (children and adults)

What do I do if my new hoverboard has a fault?

All Bluefin hoverboards come with a free 12 month warranty. If any technical problems arise within the first 12 months we will fix it for free!

    How easy is it to ride a hoverboard?

    If you’ve ever wondered just how easy it is to ride a Swegway, this guide will explain just how simple it is. You’ll be able to ride your hover-board in no time!

    Does the Bluefin Hoverboard come with a safe charger?

    Yes! All Bluefin hoverboards come with safe and certified UK charger which, are compliant to BSI 1363. These have been confirmed and verified genuine by UK verified test houses.

    Are the Bluefin Hoverboards Tested to UK regulations?

    Bluefin Hoverboards and all internal components are compliant to all UK and EU regulations. The boards are tested in a UK verified test lab to ensure that all components are compliant and to make sure that batteries and chargers are 100% safe (Bluefin are the only company in the UK to currently be able to confirm this). The technicians in the test lab complimented the Bluefin Hoverboard stating it was – “The best build quality and had the highest quality components that they had seen”. One of the technicians was that impressed that they purchased one for their daughter!

    Beware of other sellers claiming they have been UK tested – they are effectively saying, someone has probably ridden it around their bedroom once to ensure it works.

    CE Compliance

    The easiest way to check the board you have is UK compliant to CE standards it to check it has a rating plate with the model number and CE stamp on it (see the photo of the Bluefin Hoverboard below). If it does not have a CE rating plate, the board is not CE compliant, therefore not being safe.

    Bluefin Swegway CE Rating Plate

    Internal component quality

    The Bluefin Hoverboard uses only the highest quality components available. The internal to the hoverboard consists of three main components:

    1. Battery
    2. PCB (Printed Circuit Boards)
    3. Motors

    The Bluefin Hoverboards only uses Genuine Samsung batteries. According to our research, over 95% of other sellers claiming their hoverboard batteries are infact fake Chinese. Many of the hoverboard manufacturers will state that they are supplying Samsung batteries when they are infact poor quality Chinese batteries with a Samsung sticker on. Chinese batteries are dangerous and will only last a quarter of the time of Genuine Samsung. We source our batteries seperately to ensure they are genuine, and we have had these tested and verified in the UK as 100% genuine Samsung batteries.

    The Bluefin Hoverboard uses upgraded top quality PCB’s. The PCB is UL approved and made in an ISO-9001 certified facility. Many other sellers have poor quality PCB’s which often go faulty quite quickly meaning you will have a faulty unit.

    Bluefin Hoverboard uses the highest, German Designed quality 300 Watt Silent Drive motors. The motors have been designed to be quiet and economical. They use only the highest quality materials and are guaranteed to last for years.

    Should I wear any protective gear when riding a Hoverboard?

    Please take some time to read our Personal Safety on UK Swegways page for information on how to remain safe when riding on your Hoverboard.

    Can I ride my hoverboard on the pavement?

    Please take time to check your local and national laws regarding self-balancing board use in public areas as this varies from country to country.
    UK LAW: At the moment these are governed by a the Highway Act dating from 1835 which prohibits taking animals onto the pavement. This was later updated in 1879 to include riding a bicycle on the pavement. 
    However use on private property is perfectly legal!