Servicing and Repairs

23/04/2021 -
Currently we are working flat out and our phone lines are very busy so please don't think we are ignoring you as every call to is important to us.

If you cannot get through, please email in any queries to and our team should get back to you within 48 hours.

**Existing repair customers - your item is in safe hands and our team will be in contact as soon as there is an update for you. All updates are provided inside your customer portal/email/sms.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope you are all staying safe.
Here are Smart Boards UK, we are not just another retail company, we also have an in-house engineering team.
We offer full after-sales support for all our products, even when they go out of warranty.

A lot of retail companies simply just sell products, if anything was to happen with an item (which is not covered under warranty) this leaves the customer wondering "well what do i do now?".  
Usually you have 3 choices:
1) Purchase a new item 2) Repair the item (somehow) or worst case, 3) throw the item away.
The UK alone throws away over 1.4 million tonnes of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) each year (based on data from

At Smart Boards UK, we carry most spares for the items we sell so if there is any issues with a purchase, we can get you back up and running again - quickly!
This not only helps the environment, but also saves you money by not having to purchase a brand new item.

For electric scooter and hoverboard repair, we can offer 2 types of service.

1) DIY (at home, self installation)
2) WORKSHOP (in house)
1) DIY - it is exactly what it says. You can look through our part sections, purchase the part/s and Do It Your self at home.
We understand that this isn't always something everyone wants to tackle themselves, or have time for, so we offer our workshop service.

Select the type of product you have and then purchase the service you require (Repair or Service).
We will email you a postage label, and then all you have to do is package the item up and take it to a local drop off point (all details for this will be on the label).
Once repaired we will post it back.
It's that easy!
DIY Electric Scooter Parts     DIY Hoverboard Parts