Smart Boards UK Repair Shop

Faulty Electric Scooter - No Problem Smart Boards UK Are experts in fixing Light Electronic Transport. This includes E-Bikes, E-Scooters, Hoverboards, Hovershoes, Electric Skateboards and many others...

Faulty Hoverboard? Need a New Plastic Shell Case? No problem!

Here at Smart Boards UK REPAIRS™, our trained technicians can fix any fault with your Electronic Transport

Wont' Turn on? not a problem. 
Won't Move? No issue 
Need a new case fitting? Sure!

Ringing around trying to find reliable repair outfits takes a lot of time.
We want to make the process as easy and painless as possible. 
To do this we offer a "Collect & Inspect" service.

To book in for a repair please purchase the collect and inspect

or CLICK HERE to book online!


1) Purchase the "Collect and Inspect (Hoverboard)"
(If you live outside the UK Mainland contact us directly as additional charges may apply)

2) Pack the board securely making sure the charger is also securely packed within the box.

3) Smart Boards UK Repairs will arrange the courier and send a label (printer required, or if no printer we can post it to you no problem).

4) The parcel can then be dropped off at a local "drop-off point" (usually a shop/retailer near by).
Alternativly we can arrange a courier to collect the item directly from your premesis.

During checkout, in the "notes section" please write a brief description of the fault (if know) and a preferred day for collection if this is wanted.

Yes! It's as easy as that!

Now I bet your thinking "So what happens once you receive my board?" 
Here is what happens:

  • Once we receive your board, our technicians will carefully examine it to diagnose the fault. 
  • We will contact you by either emailing a proforma invoice to inform you of the repair, the part required (if needed) and the cost. You can agree right there to accept and have us repair it or choose to have the board sent back to you.
  • Once repaired, we test your board (and we actually ride it!) to verify the repair and fully charge it (if needed).
  • Your board will then be posted back to you!

"Do you offer warranty on repairs?"
Yes. Every repair comes with a 30 day guarantee. 

Warranty covers failed components and mistakes our Technications may have made. 

Warranty does not cover:
Adjustments for user or to product outlined in instructions customers can perform themselves. 
Tyres and innertubes (punctures can occur any time following the return)
Unrelated issues to the previous repair (many products have multiple parts, we can only guarantee what we have replaced or repaired). 

Prefer to speak to a human? Call us direct on: 0113 225 7274 / 0113 277 3733


*please note our repair collections are for 15kg, heavier items or improperly boxed items may incur courier surcharges, Unboxed items will accrue a re-boxing fee and possible surcharge.