Let’s Talk About the Brand New SILI Ryder Electric Scooter

sili ryder pro e scooter

The Rise of The​ ​Electric Scooter

As the years pass, modern technology impacts our ever-changing world more and more. The modernization of it all has begun to pave way for multi-functional devices like tablets and smartphones; making technology increasingly faster, more efficient and higher-powered than ever before.

With all of the ongoing revolutions, technology has made our lives easier, better, more fun; and, It doesn’t let us down when it comes to how we get around either.

If you’re an 80’s, 90’s or even early 2000’s baby, you might have memories of screaming in agonizing pain when the metal part of the scooter hits you directly in the ankle. Good times! Right? Until recently, that image of a scooter as our childhood toy/weapon is all we had.

However, times are changing, and now, technology has driven us into the future of ​eco-friendly transportation​; where the opportunities are limitless.

As the number of​ electric scooters​ rises, so do the benefits they offer. If you didn’t already know,​ electric scooters​ are not only a super fun way to get around, but they’re also:

● Environmentally friendly
● Cost-effective
● A way to improve body balance
● A great way to get outdoors more
● A saviour for people with health issues who struggle getting around


All You Need to Know About The New SILI Ryder ​Electric Scooter​ (​and Pro model!​)

SILI Ryder & Ryder Pro


Come rain or shine, getting around is far more fun when you’re riding an​ e-scooter​, and the newfound SILI Ryder ​electric scooter​ for adults proves just that.

The SILI Ryder ​e-scooter​ is paving the way in modern ​eco-friendly transportation​ technology.
Whether you want to use this incredible invention as a commuter ​e-scooter​ living in the city, or you want to ride it for fun, with a removable 6.4Ah Panasonic battery in the basic model and 12.8Ah in the pro, this robust ​e-scooter​ can take you up to 16 miles ​(Ryder)​ or 30​ (Ryder Pro) before having to settle down and recharge. If you choose to pack additional batteries, the range you can achieve is truly unlimited.

Although it’s not recommended to be used as a jet ski, weather conditions for this ​e-scooter​ are no problem as it comes with an IP54 rating!

What’s more? The SILI Ryder ​electric scooter​ boasts a 1-year warranty, backed by a trusted UK company who has its very own in-house engineering team. Meaning that if it does manage to incur a technical difficulty, or are unlucky enough to get a puncture, you can have peace of mind that the team at Smart Boards will be on hand to help.

The Design & Mechanics of the SILI Ryder​ ​Electric Scooter


At a glance, the minimalist clean design of the SILI Ryder ​electric scooter​ boasts tunning aesthetics. Being built from aluminium alloy, and streamlined, it ensures high structural strength.

The sleek design may capture your attention at first, but the real beauty is in the mechanics.
Inside, the basic ​e-scooter​ shows off a 350w motor, robust 8.5’’ Pneumatic tyres with inner tubes (and the option to add puncture prevention fluid) - and superb rear disk, front electronic and rear foot brakes.

The SILI Ryder Pro, however, delivers all of those things but at a higher level - offering an even safer and more comfortable ride. The brakes in the pro ​electric scooter​ have the rear disc and foot brakes but also come with an extra electronic one. Instead of the 8.5’’, you get in the basic version, the pro gives you 10’’ Pneumatic tyres that are not only bigger, but also come premium with shock-absorbing technology.

Both versions of the SILI Ryder ​electric scooter​ boast clean navigation and an easy to read menu system, along with 3 smooth thumb-operated gear and bright front and rear LED lights as standard.


The Verdict

To sum up, the SILI Ryder is an absolutely great way to get around. Riding one gives you a unique image, and on top of that, turns you into a planet-saving hero. If you’re thinking of investing in this new modern way of ​eco-friendly transportation​, the best place to start is at Smart Boards UK.

What was first established only 5 years ago in 2015, has since grown to be the largest supplier of hoverboard parts and accessories in Europe. Due to this, we’re able to offer you the best possible deal which is, in itself, peace of mind.

As we have just started accepting orders on the new SILI Ryder, we decided to give away an extra special offer to you, our valuable customers. If your order just so happens to be one of the first 50 placed, you will receive a completely free service and health check on your ​electric scooter​!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start getting around in style - place your order for the ​Ryder, or Ryder Pro​, today!

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