Riding the Segway /Swegway/ hover board is really easy, everyone goes through an initial “getting the hang of it phase” which is typically going to last 30 minutes tops. After that, it will become like second nature, you’ll feel like you can control the board with your mind. 

The basics are that you stand on the board with your feet flat and spread shoulder width apart, other riders like them closer but I find shoulder width is better for stability. You move the board by simply tilting your feet in the direction you want to travel, apply more or less pressure with your feet to make the board go faster or slower.

Stopping the board is just as easy, simply tilt your feet in the opposite direction, literally that is all there is to it. The more you ride your board the more it will become second nature to you. But if you’re anything like me you won’t be able to get off your board and will become one of our Segway Pro’s in no time. Check out these videos of some of our Segway Pro’s.


How to Ride a Hoverboard Illustration

Below is a visual illustration on how to ride a hoverboard: