Protect your Hoverboard with SILISKINZ® - The Best Hoverboard Swegway Silicone Protection Case

Protect your Hoverboard with SILISKINZ® - The Best Hoverboard Swegway Silicone Protection Case

The Siliskinz® Silicone Gel Case Cover Give Your Hoverboard Full Protection and Sleek Style

Every hoverboard, Segway, and 2-wheel scooter owner needs a silicone gel case cover.
It's the smart way to fully protect your hoverboard from scratches, scrapes and dirt. Your hoverboard will last longer, perform better, and experience few problems and need for repairs.

But probably the #1 reason to put a cover on your board is STYLE. The Siliskinz® silicone cases just looks cool!

They're sleek, curvy, colourful, and remind us of the finish on a high priced sports car.
It's the perfect presentation for your hoverboard that lets you speed, weave, curve, and swerve with the greatest of grace and agility.

A machine like that just needs a more flashy look. A great cover can reflect advanced engineering, thoughtful features, and a district attitude that shows you're a rider on a mission.

Siliskinz® Silicone Hoverboard Covers

Two of the world's best covers and top sellers are the Siliskinz® 360 6.5" silicone cover for the Standard Classic 6.5" Hoverboard. And the highly popular 180 Siliskinz® 6.5" silicone cover.

These are two of the finest covers on the market. We have literally sold THOUSANDS of them to hoverboard owners of all ages. People love these for their looks, their superb performance, and the way they let you speed faster and run the course with greater skill...all thanks to not having to worry about scraping and scratching the finish on your hoverboard.
These fit the Bluefin 6.5" Classic hoverboard swegway perfectly and any other classic model 6.5" self balance scooter. We highly recommend these for this model.

These rugged Siliskinz® covers protect your hoverboard investment from the scratches, marks, and dents all boards receive from regular use. Think of it as a  phone cover for your hoverboard. So when you run off the pavement, bump into a tree, or take a tumble going down a hill -- your rough, tough Siliskinz will absorb the abuse.

These come in a variety of colors so you can pick your favorite or one that matches your board. Some people even buy several different colors to reflect their mood!

Lets look at each individually.


SILISKINZ® 180 Degree Silicone Jelly Case Cover

For 6.5" Classic 2 Wheel Smart Balance Scooter.

Siliskinz 180 silicone case in purple

This gives you more than ample 180 degree protection to prevent scratches and scars. This is great for an older board or one that's seen some action. Takes just seconds to fit and makes your board look like new.

It is made of very high quality silicone. This is soft and flexible yet extremely durable and protective. It's the modern material of choice used for everything from cooking utensils to surgical supplies. We only use premium quality silicone that will perform perfectly, always looks good, and gives you years of protection.

The Siliskinz® 180 is affordable and the perfect choice for the casual rider.

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Or set up to the more rugged, professional grade..

Siliskinz® 360 Degree Silicone Protective Jelly Case Cover 

For the 6.5" Classic 2 Wheel Balance Scooter.

Siliskinz 360 silicone cover in white

This gives you even more durable protection for a full 360 degrees. It is for when you want to be highly competitive or simply give full protection to a nice hoverboard. It's like one of those thick, very durable phone covers designed for people who work in the field and drop their phone a lot. The same thought and engineering concepts went into this very sporty hoverboard cover.

Siliskinz® has also a newer design for the All Terrain hoverboard, or the Hummer hoverboard 8.5" (as it is also referred to).

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This model wraps around the all terrain swegway hoverboard and secures with a hook and look fastener (sometimes referred to by the brand Velcro).
This way of fitting is easy and can be put on and taken off very quickly.

As with all Siliskinz® silicone covers, they can all be washed with soap and water. They are all even machine washable.

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Siliskinz® Self Adhesive Rubber Bump Strips

Siliskinz Silicone Self Adhesive Rubber Bump Strips

It takes just seconds to outfit your hoverboard with protective bump strips. They're very colorful available in a variety of color choices. They add a special sporty accent to your board.

Our Siliskinz® RUBBER PROTECTION KIT gives you the finest bump strips in the industry. They have a strong self adhesive 3M backing that instantly goes into place and sticks them in position.
Fit them on wheel arches, sides, the bottom covers or wherever you like. Just wipe the surface free of dirt, use the included 3M alcohol wipe to de-grease the surface, then peel and stick - Thats it!

Bump strips were originally designed for hoverboards, but they've become very popular on motor bikes and other equipment. Riders can use them to keep parts from rubbing the petrol tank and frame while riding and storing.
These can serve a lot of purposes. Use your imagination and enjoy the added style they give your equipment.

Browse our site and see our listings on Amazon. We provide the very finest products available made with extra durable materials. These are the accessories and upgrades you need to enjoy your sport to the fullest.

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