SILI Offroad Kart Instantly Converts Your Hoverboard to Go-Kart

SILI Offroad Kart Instantly Converts Your Hoverboard to Go-Kart

What's the most FUN thing you can do with a hoverboard? Convert it to a faster, easier to control Go-Kart!

Everyone from kids to adults love our SILI Offroad Kart kit that gives you everything you need to fully convert your 2 wheel balance scooter or Swegway into a rugged, highly capable Go-Kart.

Your new Offroad Kart will speed down roads (private), across lawns, through the park, and even tackle dirt paths and gravel. It's a fun way to spend an afternoon, speed to school, or even drive to work. 

 Who knew a hoverboard could do this?!

The SILI Offroad Kart is a stroke of engineering genius. This affordable kit comes with everything you need to convert your hoverboard into a fully functional Go-Kart buggy complete with safety and comfort features.

  • Racing bucket seat for comfort and control
  • Long Velcro straps for easy installation
  • Strong steel construction that works well for endless uses
  • Added under-seat suspension for even more comfort on rough terrains

We also provide complete UK English instructions that are easy to follow. Anyone can build their SILI Offroad Kart conversion in just minutes. And if you run into problems, our knowledgeable sales staff is here to answer questions and provide help.

The kart can hold up to 120kg to easily support most Mums and Dads, kids, and teens. We have had parents come into our shop buying 4 to outfit the entire family with thrilling hoverboard Go-Karts.

The SILI Offroad Kart kit is compatible with a wide range of self-balancing hoverboards in common 6.5", 8", and 10" sizes. Most people have no problem whatsoever getting a perfect fit that lets them speed away for the afternoon.

SILI parts and construction are the finest available. It fits well, is strong, works with maximum efficiency, and won't harm your hoverboard as it has rubber pads which prevent scratches on the corners.

Compare us to cheaper hoverkarts and you quickly see the higher quality built into every SILI product. Ours are easier to assemble and always provide a better, safer and an altogether more reliable experience.

Girl riding SILI hoverkart through park

Why are Hover Karts so much fun?

You can achieve higher speeds with our Hoverkarts than standing on a hoverboard.
When you stand on a hoverboard, to move you have you have to tilt your feet and lean slightly, so there is a limit to how fast you can go without leaning too far (unless you are very brave!)
This clever, cool Go-Kart buggy attachment can go much faster with greater maneuverability and are much safer than standing on the hoverboard swegway alone.
But as the same with most outdoor skates, bikes etc it is always good to wear protective equipment (helmet, knee pads etc).

They're fun for races, group fun, and just speeding around the park, neighborhood, or camping / caravan area.

They are appropriate for 8 years and older. Younger kids may be able to ride them with adult supervision. Always have an adult nearby to ensure proper safety.

We also recommend safety equipment like helmet and other gear. These will protect you from scrapes and injury for a fun day every day. Of course, we sell these accessories for your convenience.

SILI Leading the World with Hoverkart Conversion

In addition to the SILI Offroad Kart we also offer the original Off Road and exciting SILI Drift. This creates a genuine drifting hovercart go-kart for racing and group fun.

Don't let this exciting innovation in recreation pass you by. 

Get your SILI kit today to easily convert your hoverboard into a fun go-kart. It's great excitement and unbeatable family fun.

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